Employees now rank healthcare as more important than salary.

Employees now rank healthcare as more important than salary.

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Employees are now ranking healthcare as more important than salary increases. With healthcare insurance premiums rising again this fall, employers are faced with a unique challenge: revisiting the balance between salary increases, compensation, and benefits. Remember, this is all happening in a competitive market in which employees are no longer as connected to the companies they work for.

With a volatile economy and employees adhering to a remote-first work attitude, a recent survey showed that 70% of employees rank healthcare coverage as the most important benefit when considering a job change. They may not know the intricate mechanics of health plans, but they want the assurance of being taken care of, both physically and mentally. They’re also keenly aware of the amount that’s coming out of their paychecks through co-pays and monthly fees.

For employers, this focus on Benefits over salary can present a huge opportunity. If you listen to what your employees actually want, you can present them a Benefits package that’s creative and fresh. This can help you increase retention without breaking the bank.

Here are a few things that employers can do to keep their offerings fresh:

1. Revisit your benefits package.

Employees like choices! Make sure there is a full array of products including things like financial planning, legal, and Voluntary Benefits. Include perks that can increase morale like flexible work hours, fitness discounts, or career development opportunities. Don’t underestimate how little things can make a big difference in building good will with your employees.

2. Communicate the value of your benefits.

Spend time and resources in communicating the value of your benefits. Most employees won’t dig deep into benefit brochures on their own so be sure to highlight your offerings. Be transparent about why you’ve painstakingly chosen the plans they’re being offered.

Make this process fun! Create easy to understand graphics so all the information is digestible. If you’re in office, invite your employees to participate in an information session with a catered lunch or snacks. If you’re a primarily remote team, hold an informational Zoom session and send everyone who joins a free gift card for coffee to encourage them to attend. Do what you can to help your employees understand how much value they can gain from their Benefits package.

3. Go Digital

Make sure your benefit enrollment and communication has gone digital. The days of paper communication are long over! Employees want easy mobile access for every step of their Benefit enrollment and management. The less pain points there are in the enrollment and management of their Benefits, the more autonomy and agency they feel they have. Having a robust mobile application also builds confidence in employees that 1.) their data is secure and 2.) their company is using technology that’s with the times.

At CorpStrat we pride ourselves in helping employers do all of the above. If you know of an employer who could benefit from our service and guidance, please recommend us. It’s that time of year when everyone deals with this issue and we are MONEY when it comes to these issues.

If you need help making sure your benefits packages are the best they can be, give us a call.

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