Are You Actually Covered? It’s Time to Evaluate Your Group Disability Insurance

Are You Actually Covered? It’s Time to Evaluate Your Group Disability Insurance

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If your company provides Employee Benefits, there’s a good chance you’re enrolled in a Group Disability Insurance plan. At CorpStrat, we’ve been in business for over three decades and have designed benefit programs for numerous companies from every industry under the sun. We’ve observed a common trend: many Group Disability programs are neglected and outdated. Many are auto-renew year over year without anyone taking a closer look. What many employers don’t realize is failing to regularly review and update your plan can leave your employees unprotected and put your company at risk of financial exposure.

Here’s why it’s crucial to reassess your plan:

1. Adaptation to Changing State Disability Limits

State disability limits have evolved over time, and it’s essential for companies with small group disability programs, particularly Short Term Disability (STD), to adjust accordingly. Failing to do so can result in over or underpayment of benefits, putting both employees and employers at risk. Regular reviews and updates ensure alignment with current regulations and prevent any financial discrepancies.

2. Addressing High-Income Individuals:

Most Group Disability plans come with limitations that may not adequately cover individuals earning $150,000 or more annually. If you’re a high-income earner who assumes you’re adequately insured, think again. Many plans cap out, leaving affluent employees vulnerable in the event of disability. Employers need to explore options to ensure comprehensive coverage for all employees, regardless of income level. This will help mitigate financial risks and provide peace of mind.

3. Reviewing Changes in Rates and Providers:

Rates for Group Disability plans fluctuate over time. These rates are influenced by various factors such as economic conditions and insurance provider policies. It’s imperative for companies with plans under providers like Unum, Principal, Provident, or others to periodically reassess their rates and coverage options. Failing to do so may result in missed opportunities for cost savings or better coverage. Regular reviews enable businesses to stay informed about changes in the market and make informed decisions to optimize their Group Disability insurance benefits.

In conclusion, Group Disability insurance is a critical component of Employee Benefits, second only to medical insurance. Neglecting to review and update your plan can leave your employees vulnerable and expose your company to financial risks. By staying proactive and regularly assessing your Group Disability insurance, you can ensure comprehensive coverage that meets the evolving needs of your workforce.

At CorpStrat, we want to guide you through this process to help you secure the best possible protection for your employees and your business. Don’t overlook this vital aspect of your benefits package—reach out to us today for expert assistance.

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