Test Your HR Efficiency

Your HR Efficiency Scorecard



Payroll problems are solved by calling a 1-800 number with rotation reps.

Our dedicated payroll account representative works with us to keep our payroll flawless.

Running payroll, making adjustments, and adding new employees is manual and time-consuming.

Payroll is always on-time and accurate, thanks to our automated digital systems.

Attendance is tracked with paper time sheets and manual time clocks.

Attendance time-keeping is digital and integrated with payroll, scheduling, and HR systems.

Our payroll costs change every month, thanks to hidden extra charges.

We pay one price for payroll, with no hidden expenses.

Managers “Google” their way through most HR challenges.

A dedicated HR professional guides managers through HR issues.

When HR problems arise, we hire an employment attorney to draft defensive strategies, reactively.

A dedicated HR attorney drafts and discusses HR issues with staff proactively.

Employee Handbooks are often out-of-date, and hard to change when new versions of policies are written.

When Employee Handbook is annually updated, all staff digitally review and acknowledge new policies.

We lack the training and resources to develop a total compliance strategy.

We are equipped to update and communicate changing compliance requirements to our employees.

Employee onboarding is manual, time-consuming, and dysfunctional.

Employee onboarding is digitally automated and easy to update.

Our PTO Tracking is manual and time-consuming, leading to confusion.

Our PTO Tracking is self-serve, and fully integrated with payroll and scheduling.

Enrolling employees in our health benefits plan is manual, and labor intensive.

Employee benefit plan enrollment is easy, and integrated with HRMS and payroll.

HR processes depend on one person in our organization.

Our HR processes are automated and do not depend on any single individual.

Benefit costs feel like they are out of our organization’s control.

Benefit costs are controlled and negotiated by our broker, and we can clearly communicate them.

“Frustrating” is how we describe benefits administration.

“Simple” is how we describe benefits administration.

Benefits administration and communication is mostly done on paper.

Benefits administration, communication, and enrollment is 100% digital.



30-59: Give us a call to discover how easy it is to simplify your HR, payroll, and benefits.
60-74: There are ways that CorpStrat can improve and modernize your business.
75-119: You’re doing well! Let us know where you’re still being challenged and we can help.
120-150: Wow, you’re doing great! But nobody’s perfect – let’s talk about making your process more efficient.