The Perfect LTC Solution

America has a crisis – it’s called aging. Reports suggest the average lifespan of a married couple at age 62 – one will live to age 92. Their assets, however, may not last as long as they do!

Creating a plan for a long term care protection is vital, yet few insurance products exist that can provide all of the essential and desired elements of a plan to assure this exposure.

The Cost of Long Term Care is Staggering:

The Average Cost of Long Term Care

  • The average cost of long-term care in the United States in 2014: $223/day or $6,691/month for a semi-private room in a nursing home.
  • $240/day or $7,300/month for a private room.
  • $3,500/month for care in an assisted living facility (one-bedroom unity).
  • $20/hour for a home health aide.

Source: Genworth Financial, www.; April 22, 2015

Trends that could Long Term Care


If medical inflation is @ 3.5%:

  • In 10 years with inflation = costs will be $123,568 per year!
  • In 20 years with inflation = costs will be $174,306 per year!

Who can afford to provide a plan of care that could cost into the hundreds of thousands?

ThePerfect LTC Solution™

  • Premiums never increase
  • Lifetime benefit pool
  • 3% cost of living included
  • Tax deductible premiums
  • Benefits even if LTC Is never used
  • All components guaranteed
  • Refund of any lump sum at any time 100% guaranteed
  • Lump sum liquid

Ask us to help you configure a customized proposal for ThePerfectLTCSolution™ based upon your specific needs.