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Does My Employee Benefits Broker Measure Up?

Not all Employee Benefits Brokers are created equal. Do you know how well your Broker is actually doing? Take this short quiz to find out how your Broker measures up. We’ll tell you if you’re getting the service and attention to detail you deserve!

What's the Benefit?

The Crucial Five

Benefits offerings and contributions

We’ll review your current benefit offerings to make sure they’re right for you and your employees.

Pre-tax Opportunities

There are tax opportunities you’re likely not taking advantage of. We’ll make sure you are.

Voluntary Benefits

Your employees may have benefits they can pay for themselves, pre-tax. This saves the company money and offers your employees flexibility and affordability. We love a win-win.

New Thinking about Old Approaches

It can be daunting to try a new approach. However, with the incredible technology available, we think it’s more than worth it to make a change. Plus we’ll walk you through each step.

HR Compliance

Are you doing everything possible to protect your company from future litigation? We can offer you the protection you need at an affordable cost.

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Our Proven Process

At CorpStrat we help companies manage the process of the employee life cycle. As a leading benefits broker in California, we can help you take a hard look at your current benefits and work with you to improve them. Here’s how we can do that: 

  • First, let’s have a conversation about your current benefits and what your workforce looks like.
  • We’ll help you benchmark how your offerings compare with others in your industry.
  • We’ll work together to find the best possible solution in the marketplace for you and your team.
  • When you choose CorpStrat to manage your Employee Benefits, you won’t just hear from us once a year during enrollment. You’ll have a dedicated representative who knows all the ins and outs of your company’s needs and will reach out to you when there are policy changes or plan updates.
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