This is your sign to STOP Googling HR Fixes

This is your sign to STOP Googling HR Fixes

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Googling HR issues. We’ve all done it but is Googling HR actually a good idea? 

If you hop onto Google right now and type in a common HR problem, the first page of results will likely include widely varied, conflicting results. Why is there so much misinformation out there regarding HR?

The simple answer is HR policies and laws vary by state, city, and county. The correct answer will also depend on the type of employees and how long they’ve been employed. Google simply can’t account for all of these variables, making it very easy for you to stumble across the wrong solution. 

In this highly litigious, complex employer/employee environment, we feel it’s absolutely too risky for employers to not ensure compliance in even simple things like leave laws, wage and hour issues, workplace behaviors, compliance laws, PTOs, and more. The exposures for employers are just too big.

What can you do as an employer to make sure you’re compliant and your HR defense is strong?

1. Don’t put HR on the back burner.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is piggybacking HR compliance to another role like Controller, CFO, or admin. Not having a dedicated HR professional might seem fine in the short term but could lead to extremely costly consequences down the line.

2. Put a plan in place to cover all your HR bases.

Don’t wait to put a plan together. Hire a full-time HR person or an HR consultant that can keep a close eye on new policies and tailor the right solutions for your team. Purchase a robust HR program that can help automate compliance so you never have to worry about it. Typically, a combination of these solutions are right for most organizations.

3. Recognize that these issues are larger than most people are willing to admit.

The cost for failing to adhere to compliance laws can lead to tremendous time, resources, and money being wasted inside the organization.

3. Ask the right people.

Stop relying on Google for answers, instead find the right HR professional for advice. At CorpStrat, we have HR experts with over 30+ years of experience in the industry and we’d love to help you keep your HR defense strong.

What’s your plan? If you want to talk about your plan and make sure you have the right plan in place, give us a call. 818.377.7260

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